Major Exploit In System Software of PS3, PS4 and PS5 Discovered

Two generations of PlayStation devices will be exposed to important software modding strategies.

There is also a good chance of a third variant being opened to these experiments. A big exploit, which has been discovered recently, has been found to be using a bug that dictates the manner in which the system regulates Blu-Ray discs to switch to custom mode.

Sony has always taken important measures to secure the operative mechanism of the PlayStation consoles. It has introduced several methods to ensure that owners don’t get the opportunity to modify the PlayStation consoles to a great extent and get them into any kind of potential trouble. This is also done to make sure that the console and the games remain protected against unscrupulous activities like piracy and cheating. It has also taken major steps to ensure that external developers do not get to create customized PlayStation software.

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At the ‘hardwear’ security conference, security engineer Andy Nyugen shared some important details about an exploit that enables discretional code execution on different PlayStation consoles. This exploit will pave the way for homebrew getting access to PS5 and users finding it easier to make modifications on the console.

It didn’t take long for this particular exploit to be noticed by important people in the modding community. After getting to know about it, many have drawn parallels with PlayStation 2’s FreeDVDBoot hack. FreeDVDBoot makes it possible for games to be played via backup discs that have been ‘burned’. All this is done without modifying or altering the hardware of the console.

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To preserve games, one has to resort to modding as physical media gets damaged after a point in time. The importance of modding has been well understood by those who like developing games and different types of custom software for PlayStation and other consoles.

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