Super Smash Bros. Becomes A Part Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Super Smash Bros.

While it is common knowledge that the Marvel Cinematic Universe consists of many characters that have been inspired or derived from the real world,

there have been times when popular video game characters have made their way into the MCU. Though characters from video games making an appearance in the MCU is rare, it is something fans always look forward to.

In Ms Marvel, a popular MCU Disney+ Series, a conversation led to the revelation that Super Smash Bros. is present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A conversation takes place in a school during which Ms Marvel, the titular character, fleetingly mentions Ms Marvel. She asks her friend Nakia whether she is inclined to play the game. She responds by stating that she doesn’t think too highly of the game. It must be noted here that the game has not been featured on the show. Having said that, this conversation could lead to the game making an appearance on the Disney+ series.

While some fans were happy to see the game finding a mention on the show, there were many gamers who were pleased to see the show acknowledging the fact that not everybody likes the game. There can be no debate around Super Smash Bros. being a hugely successful game. However, even the most popular game could have its share of detractors.

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After that infamous ‘blip’ that resulted in a large chunk of the population residing in the universe disappearing, the history of the real world and MCU’s origins started differing from each other. One can see the changes happening because of this ‘blip’ while playing the game. You notice this when you find Thor playing Fortnite on PlayStation 4 in Avengers: Endgame. PlayStation 5 was released a few years before the movie came into being.

Keeping the disconnect between the game and the real world in mind, one can assume that the reference that Kamala was making to was about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which was designed for the Nintendo Switch. There is a good chance of an older version of the game being featured on the show in the near future.

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