Volkswagen T-ROC SUV Revealed in New Official Teaser Image

Volkswagen T-ROC SUV

The all-new Volkswagen T-ROC SUV has been officially revealed in a brand new teaser image and it looks very much like what the manufacturer has promised so far.

The car will be showcased in metal for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

In order to promote the vehicle, Volkswagen released a brief teaser giving people the first look into the production process and how they envisioned the car. The company detailed how they took inspirations from the popular VW Golf and Tiguan. However, the new T-ROC SUV is not such a new entrant because the brand has been continuously teasing it since March at the Geneva Motor Show. The first talks of a new SUV began as early as 2014 at the same Geneva show.

Volkswagen T-ROC SUV rear

When the T-ROC SUV gets launched, it will join the lineup of SUVs Volkswagen already has including the crowd favorite Tiguan. The unique sales point of the upcoming model is said to be the practical approach it has in terms of design and the increased ride height, combining the best of both worlds for a unique experience. The company showcased a teaser image during the Geneva show this year. Based on what was shown, the car will go with a boxy look which a lot of other manufacturers are trying to avoid and will have squared off wheel arches combined with heavy C-pillars and a prominent shoulder line.

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All these changes when put together differentiates the new T-ROC from the Tiguan SUV. The overall size of the car will be 4.2 meters in length while 1.8 meters wide giving it a longer and spacious interior for the passengers. The car is mounted on the MQB platform and under the hood will be powered by a 1.0-liter three cylinder turbo engine with 115 horsepower. Another powertrain variant will be the 1.5-liter TSI Evo Turbo Petrol ending capable of producing up to 148 horsepower.

Volkswagen T-ROC SUV look

So far, Volkswagen has been focusing a lot on launching four wheel drive models in the UK and the upcoming T-ROC SUV is also expected to be powered by the 4MOTION AWD technology. A majority of the features including design and powertrain will be shared with the Golf model. Volkswagen is trying to strike a fine balance between practicality and performance while providing a spacious car for multiple passengers to travel at once. It is expected to be available later this year.

Image Credits : Autoexpress.Co.Uk

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