Marshmallow Software Update for Samsung J5 – Better Late than Never

Samsung Galaxy J5

OriginalJ5 devices of Samsung Galaxy belonging to 2015 have finally started getting the Marshmallow, Android 6.0 version update.

It is high time too, as Google has already gone on to the next version, Android N, which will see light very shortly. However, better late than never and it is a welcome sign that low-end devices, such as the J5, are getting updates.

Updating Mid Range Devices

J5 is an affordable smartphone series from Samsung released in 2015 and the update is offered in some regions as of now. Samsung has a large user base in this smartphone series, but it is infamous with respect to updating its mid range devices. It is, therefore, surprising that the new Marshmallow update has been released for the 2015 series J5 phones.

What’s New?

If you are wondering about the changes that you will view with this new update, firstly you can find that TouchWiz now offers more usability. There is also an enhancement in the visual design after installing this update. There is also an enhanced mode for power saving along with a new concept for vibration pattern. The J5 gets a more appealing visual design with improvement in the TouchWiz user interface.

Android Marshmallow Features

These features are in addition to the new features of Marshmallow released by Google. For instance, Marshmallow brings in the Doze Mode as well as the Application Standby feature, which enhances the life of the battery in your device. Other new features of Marshmallow are Now on Tap along with new permissions.

Marshmallow Software Update for Samsung Galaxy J5

The booting process is more secure now and there is an option for Do Not Disturb. The performance has also been tweaked and it now supports more languages. Some other features adding value for enhancing the experience of users are also seen with this update on the J5.

Updating Manually

If you have a J5 and you have not received any notification regarding the new update, you can head to the Settings and then move to About device and Software Update to check out the update manually. Once the update is over, the device will reboot for completing the installation. However, such an OTA procedure is always carried out stage by stage, so it is possible that it could take a week or even more before reaching all areas and regions in India.As of now, the Marshmallow update for J5 devices seems to be received only by users of India, though more territories will be added soon. The build is J500FXXU1BPF4 and it needs 874 MB for downloading, so make sure that you have a Wi Fi connection for your device before downloading the update.  J5 owners (SM-J500F) of India have started to receive the 6.0.1 version update notifications on their phones according to SamMobile.

What About the J7

As the company has begun to roll out the Marshmallow update for the J5 2015 devices, there is speculation about whether the J7 devices, SM-J7005 will also receive the update in the new feature. It seems imminent that the update will be offered soon, as the J7 is a devices that is at a higher end when compared to the J5.

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