Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Latest Patch that Makes Characters Look Less Eerie

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is an ambitious game set in a massive universe filled with amazing characters, set pieces and brilliant storyline.

The game developed by Bioware and the developer team has been working meticulously to fix the animation issues. Ever since the launch, the game had gone under constant criticism for the animated characters that look so eerie and unnatural all the time. Patching such a huge game is no easy task which is why it is being done in multiple phases. The latest patch released for Mass Effect Andromeda looks to be strongly focused on fixing the eyes of all characters. If you can make the eyes not so bulgy and look natural, it would definitely add life to any animated character.

Mass Effect Andromeda Latest Patch

A couple of pictures are posted online to give you an idea on how the changes have affected the characters in Andromeda. The video uploaded by Push Square does a frame by frame comparison of the characters. The patch reduces the glossy look in the eyes and they are as human as any animated character could get. If you were looking for specific changes in select characters, then the change is most obvious with Foster Addison. The comparison images were also cropped and posted by a redditor in the Mass Effect Andromeda forum.

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For a game of this caliber, such a basic problem with animation should have never happened. Bioware invested a lot in bringing the best people to voice characters, write the script and develop the game. Mass Effect is a RPG that sticks true to its genre by offering amazing gameplay that could keep you glued to the world for weeks to game. You can easily call it the Skyrim set in space, with a lot of alien characters and multiple planets to explore.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Compared to the past, the graphical fidelity of games have significantly improved. However, it is surprising to see that a new game like Mass Effect Andromeda has so much issues that is being fixed slowly. A similar situation occurred with Assassin’s Creed 2 re-mastered edition. Making remastered versions of games for the consoles doesn’t make much sense except for the fact that it allows developers and publishers to make more money out of existing titles.

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Ubisoft and Activision have been doing rehashes of old games for a long time now. Bioware however doesn’t have such problems but if they fix Andromeda the right way, the trust gamers have on the studio will be restored in matter of months.