Maxis Can’t Add Cars to the Sims 4, Here’s Why

sims 3 fast lane cars

Extending an entirely new feature as huge as driving cars in the Sims 4 is no easy task.

Much to the surprise of new players, these were actually possible back in the Sims 2 Nightlife Edition that literally allowed players to drive their own cars.

Throughout the years, the developers of the game Maxis in association with Electronic Arts have done their best to improve the title in many ways. While graphical improvements are an obvious addition to the game, it is the ability to customize your house, your avatars and maybe 100s of skin tones that actually make a huge difference. In nearly seven years since its official launch, it is indirectly confirmed that the Sims 4 may never get cars but could it be possible when the Sims 5 get launched in the near future?

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It probably would because the team has already given up on this idea for the current title. After all, they have released dozens of expansion packs, DLCs and game packs that players could indulge their time in. However, Electronic Arts have always been skeptical about releasing something new that is a potential game-changer. They really didn’t want to risk it especially when the franchise is enjoying one of the best sales in many years similar to how Rockstar has GTA Online with a slew of new content being released regularly.

Sims 2 nightlife usable cars

How Cars Were and Why Wouldn’t be Added Now?

In Sims 2, cars didn’t allow players to have their own car because it could alter the entire design as people just move around. Driving your vehicle makes it look like a GTA which the developers wanted to avoid at all costs. Instead, they enabled players to hire a taxi to reach a specific destination. It was a welcome surprise when they actually allowed players to own a car with the Nightlife expansion pack.

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The Sims 3 was an entirely open-world game that allowed the team to implement driveable cars right in the base game. There was no need to wait for a DLC and there was even a DLC named Fast Lane primarily dedicated to buying your own cars. It was almost like having Need for Speed inside the world but the Sims 4 was not planned in that way. It will continue to have lots of new packs in 2021 but will the Sims 5 ever allow players to move around neighborhoods, it may considering how powerful PCs and consoles are these days.

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