The Sims 4 Seasons Calendar: Change the Way You Play

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The Sims 4 is expanding further with a large expansion pack Seasons using which players can choose to create their own holidays, events as they would do in their real life.

In order to achieve it, you have to make better use of the calendar provided to you.

It might be a surprising revelation for many because the calendar system is much more extensive than you would have imagined. Instead, players can actually use it to understand how time progresses inside the virtual world and also understand the upcoming seasons to plan accordingly. A sense of realism will be introduced into the title but without making it too difficult to understand or make use of, keeping the arcade-style of the Sims 4 alive as it has always been.

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Purchasing all the popular DLCs, expansion packs and game packs within the game is easily the biggest challenge any Sims would encounter. In order to experience the game at its fullest and enjoy different aspects of many elements including a calendar, you need to own multiple packs. For example, the calendar system can actually be used to schedule appointments for classes in the University. And, obviously, this works well only if you have the particular pack installed and it is time to start shopping yet again to make the most out of this household calendar.

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By default, it has been designed in such a way that seven-day seasons will be depicted in it along with the expected weather forecast for the entire week. The developers wanted to make sure there is some reality to it because of which they have decided to incorporate unstable weather. It may not rain as predicted but could rather snow when it was supposed to be a dry day, according to the predictions made.

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Popular holidays from the past will be listed which can be edited or deleted based on your convenience. The total number of holidays is rather large as it goes up to 41 days that most people may not be so comfortable with but some belong to niche traditional holidays that you could make use of. You can use the calendar in the Sims 4 to schedule events, mark birthdays, wedding anniversaries and many more as it also includes many real-life holidays. This is as real as any game could get and it won’t be surprising if it makes you spend even more hours in the game world.

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