2021 The Sims 4 Wishlist: What We Wish to See in the Game

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Maxis and Electronic Arts have confirmed that they don’t have much reason to launch the Sims 5 right away.

It obviously denotes that the Sims 4 is going to be the game we could all play for much longer time. If that is the case, the game developers should definitely bring in some of the most wanted features to the game this year and allow players to enjoy it to the core before a new title gets launched.

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Besides, it has been witnessed throughout the years that the Sims series always gets the best towards the end of its lifecycle. The plethora of features combined with so many DLCs, game packs and stuff packs that you could buy for great discounts during a seal. The first stuff pack for 2021 has already been revealed and is out now in January, the Paranormal Stuff pack where ghosts and ghastly beings rule the world.

Allowing Players to Farm

A huge population of players are interested in farming for real, or at least inside the virtual world using their avatars. If the game would allow them to farm their own crops, sell them in the market and make a living out of it, it would be a great and most wanted addition of all times. After all, when they could introduce doctors, crime detectives and so many other unique professions, bringing in farming simulator makes the game even more realistic than it ever was.

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Another requested feature is allowing kids to go to school and eventually encouraging the teenagers to do part time jobs. These are some things that happen in the real world and players want to be able to replicate them in the virtual scenario. When including farming as a profession, it would also give players the opportunity to rear goats and cows as part of the agricultural lifestyle.

The concept of going to a club or dance class is not something that is available in the game yet. Besides, even though players do age in the game in some packs it still doesn’t explore the concept of death or generations in a strong manner. Creating a narrative around a sims character definitely makes the game more interesting and engaging which is what most players expect the Sims 4 to introduce in 2021 which would make the time spent in the virtual world much more realistic than it has ever been. Are the developers listening?

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