Mazda Will Make All Their Models EVs by 2035

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Mazda has an ambitious plan for their future cars as the company wants to electrify their entire lineup by 2034.

While it might sound like a far cry right now, the idea seems reasonable considering the speed all top automobile brands are adopting electric technology. The major brands like BMW, Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet and Audi has their EVs. It is not surprising to see Mazda wants to do the same for their cars. If to go by the company’s plans, they will only have hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars by 2035. The plan doesn’t include any fuel cell vehicles but there might be some changes based on the route the industry takes.

Speaking at the Global Tech Forum in Frankfurt, Mazda announced that from the year 2019 they will start introducing electric vehicles to their lineup. The first batch will include an all-electric battery powered model which is scheduled for launch possibly in the same year. The particular car will also feature rotary range extender option.

Mazda EVs

The full EV will be revealed in 2019 confirmed Mazda which will focus on plug-in hybrid cars from 2021. The decision sounds bit different from what companies usually do. Most automobile brands will focus on hybrids first before they venture into the EV market. However, this particular brand wants to do it by flipping the plan over. Justifying their decision, Ichiro Hirose confirmed that their key markets support Electric Vehicles better than hybrids which is why Mazda had to do it first.

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“We are planning to introduce electric cars in such a way that buyers would be convinced to go for our model rather than our competitors. Striking a balance between performance, mile range and pricing is what we are aiming at. It should put us ahead of all competition and make Mazda a prominent car in the EV segment. If all goes well, by 2035 we will have only electric cars lined up,” he added.

Mazda EVs by 2035

In this quest to make electric cars the norm, diesel engines are slowly dying off the chart. Mazda engineers confirmed that they are not going to ditch the technology altogether even though the upcoming model in 2019 will focus on SKYACTIV-X compression ignition petrol engine. Autonomous technology is also part of their expansion plans. The team is working on making it the more reliable than it is now and achieving Level 5 autonomous driving is the big goal, as it is for many automobile brands.

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