McLaren Gets Nostalgic with XP 570GT Limited Edition Model

McLaren XP 570GT

McLaren gets highly nostalgic with their latest edition XP 570GT limited edition model.

A bunch of select customers will be lucky enough to receive this car which is more of a history lesson than a car of its own.

The ride back in time starts with the external appearance of the McLaren XP 570GT which commemorates the successful F1 XP GT, the model that got released back in the 90s. Only six of these cars will be built and they are individually designed by the Special Operations Programmer pioneered by McLaren engineers.The upcoming model sports XP Green colored variant. The color is inspired by the Longtail dark green paint job used in the model that got released in 1997.

McLaren XP 570GT limited edition

The interior is as posh and exquisite as it could get, with ample usage of leather materials. They are obviously inspired by the road cars from the automobile brand. While the exteriors have been given utmost importance by the designing team, they have choose to skip the performance and didn’t make any changes to the powertrain used in the model. The car XP 570GT from McLaren is powered by 3.8-liter engines capable of rendering a cool 562 horsepower. The twin-turbo V8 engine is one of the best in the market and easily justifies the price tag associated with this extremely limited-edition car.

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All the six cars that were manufactured by the company are already sold to customers in different customers. Those who purchased it reside in UK, Netherlands and Germany. The pricing of the model is at £188,567 which is a significant jump from the base model 570GT. These cars are about £34,000 more than the original car without any customization. When the buyers choose to customize the model and add more features to it, obviously it is going to cost much higher and will significantly boost the price tag.

McLaren XP 570GT look

The original F1 XP GT which is often referred to as the Longtail is the original prototype model. It was built to meet the FIA homologation requirements back in 1995 and took part in the Le Mans race. The car won the race bringing the covetedname for McLaren in the F1 sector. The manufacturer continues to make special editions of their iconic cars but at the same time they are making significant progress in the electric vehicle segment so as to make hybrids and all-electric vehicles common by 2022.

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