McLaren Supercar is Extremely Limited in Numbers and has a Ludicrous Price Tag

McLaren Supercar

The McLaren supercar is so expensive and when everyone calls its price tag to be ludicrous they really mean it because it cannot be owned by most buyers.

Besides, the insanely powerful car was pretty much expected to be on the expensive side in the first place. McLaren, as an automobile brand aiming to stay atop the aggressive market left no stones unturned. They wanted to make sure their next supercar is the talk of the town and going by the conditions to buy this one, it is safe to say that the company has indeed accomplished their goal in style.

McLaren Supercar Teaser

Expected to get launched in 2019, the three-seater speed demon from the brand would set you back by $2.5 million if you ever decide to buy one. And, just because there is cash lying around in your closet doesn’t mean they are going to let you own the supercar. The buyer has to make a deposit of a five figure sum in order to lock his position as only 106 of these cars will be made. And, they should also hold a record of buying McLaren cars in the past so that the brand could verify them as a genuine buyer and not someone trying to resell their limited edition model in the open market.

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Known as the BP23 tentatively, the McLaren supercar is a three seater which the company has been mulling over for a very long time and have finally managed to make it possible. It does feel quite weird because the driver seat is positioned in the center of the car while the two passenger seats are behind making it feel like a rally car. Commenting on the upcoming model, Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren said that they were always being questioned as to why the team didn’t make a three seater for a very long time.

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With the unnamed supercar, the brand is going back to their roots as the centrally positioned driver seat is inspired by their F1 cars from the 1990s. While the F1 car will be replaced by the P1, the new $2.5 million supercar is noway a replacement or an upgrade to their original F1 model. Instead, it pays homage to the 90s car by borrowing design elements from it.

McLaren Supercar

With just 106 cars set to be built, it will be an extremely limited edition and expensive proposition to go for even for long time car enthusiasts. Being a car scheduled for launch in 2019, it will be a hybrid vehicle with an electric motor in it. The main focus will still be on the petrol engine that delivers the performance expected of a McLaren supercar.

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