Gmail Will Convert Address, Phone Numbers into Links for Easy Access


Gmail is about to become a whole lot better for frequent users because intuitive usage is what the developers are aiming to achieve.

Smartphones are much smarter now but there are times when you are too lazy or don’t have the time to do things manually.

The ease of access relies on the ability to click on something and let it take you to a page where you get things done. Gmail will introduce one more feature to make their app and e-mail service more intuitive than ever. Whenever you receive an e-mail, there are occasions when a client or a company may have sent their phone number or address in it.

Gmail Will Convert Address, Phone Numbers into Links

With the newest update which is soon to be rolled out on Gmail on desktop, Inbox by Gmail for iOS, Android devices, users will be able to get the task done with a single click. The phone number which is provided in any e-mail will automatically be converted into a hyperlink. When you click or tap on it, it will open the default calling app on your phone to place a call. Hyperlinking the content saves time because users on a smartphone may no longer have to save the phone number and re-type it in the calling app.

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Similarly, whenever you click on any address in the e-mail, it will redirect you to the Google Maps and pin point the location making it easy to find it when you need to. The update is under development and the company has confirmed that they will eventually be rolled out to all versions of their service in the next three days. Compared to the desktop version, the Inbox by Gmail app for iOS and Android will become more intuitive to use when the feature is rolled out.

Gmail Will Convert Address, Phone NumbersGoogle didn’t specify any additional information or how this technology would work. As long as you are able to make phone calls and find locations without much delay, this intuitive feature is sure to become an instant hit among millions of users who rely on Gmail for their daily communication needs.

The information was officially posted on the Google blog that confirms its authenticity. It will be available for all users and G Suite enterprise users who use Gmail for official purposes by paying a monthly fee and gaining more privacy through the paid service. You should receive an update for the app within a week’s time after which the phone numbers and addresses will automatically be converted to hyperlinks.

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