McLaren Super Series 720S to be Powered by 4.0-liter V8 Engine, Heading to Geneva Show

McLaren 720S at Geneva Show 2017

The Geneva Motor Show 2017 is heating up and McLaren is going to be there with their Super Series cars as well as other models.

The 650S successor, known as the 720S is one of the most teased cars in recent times.

This time, McLaren has revealed information with regards to the car’s powertrain. The powerful model which is going to set a new benchmark and surpass the performance of the 650S will be powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbo M840T V8 engine. The outgoing model used a slightly less powered 3.8-liter M838T V8 engine. The latest version should obviously be more powerful because of the boosted engine.

McLaren Super Series

According to McLaren, the car can go from 0 to 200 miles per hour in just 7.8 seconds. The same can be done by the other model but it takes 0.8 seconds more. In real world comparison, it might hardly make much of a difference to the person onboard. However, for automobile enthusiasts and engineers it’s a big deal as the car can go faster than its predecessor. The sound is supposed to be soulful, clean and crisp, claims the super car series manufacturer.

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Speaking about the upcoming McLaren 720S Super Series model, Haydn Baker said, “Everything about the second generation model has witnessed significant improvement to the first generation Super Series vehicle lineup. Right from the power to the torque and throttle is much better in the car. But, while making it faster, we have also ensured the emissions and fuel efficiency are improved as well for an all-round performance.”

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The manufacturer offers better customization options for the audience. While the engine produces crescendo sound by default, which is considered sophisticated and pleasing to the ears. The exhaust can be further improved with an additional sports exhaust system to make the McLaren car aurally pleasing. The model has been spotted only with heavy camouflage so far.

McLaren 720S at Geneva Show 2017

Buyers will have the option to go with an engine bay illumination. Those who are really interested in showing off their engine can make use of this design element. The McLaren Speedmark logo will be the highlight on the aluminum air intake plenum. The auto brand has already confirmed that they will be making a formal announcement at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. Once the event is over, the powertrain used in the 720S, its overall performance, design, availability and pricing will be known.

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