WhatsApp 2.16.392 Beta for Android Released – Video Streaming Working Better


Facebook’s WhatsApp gives you the best-chatting encounter with friends, relatives, and colleagues.

The chat messenger allows users to send quick instant messages and make voice/video calls on their mobile devices and on the web. Of course, your recipient must also have the App running on their smartphones as well.

The gigantic messaging platform is a communication channel to over 1.1 billion users across the globe and is the most popular application of its kind. WhatsApp is compatible with and virtually available on all popular mobile operating systems available in the market today: the app works on iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone. The wide compatibility means you are not limited to just chatting with friends on specific devices.

To stay on top of the game, the messenger’s developers always release updates to thwart arising bugs and issues. Today’s article speaks of the latest Beta update for Android OS-WhatsApp Beta 2.16.292. Speaking of Beta version, the app developers launched a beta testing program to allow users download and install testing versions right from the Google Play Store. More details will be addressed later in this article.

As with a number of beta releases, the latest update has nothing new in terms of functions but system functionality has been enhanced along with bug fixes. The recently added features have been stabilized for better performance:

  • WhatsApp video streaming feature which allows subscribers to watch shared videos from within the app as they download in the background now functions with fewer difficulties. Initially, videos had to be fully downloaded before users could view them.
  • Video calling: The recently launched face-to-face chat technology has been improved for a better calling experience, the feature is more stable than ever and now uses less internet data.
  • GIFs Support: ability to send GIF files is now part and parcel of the popular chat service and is more stable than before.


How to Install WhatsApp 2.16.392 Beta for Android Devices

If you are using the service on an Android device, this is how to replace your old app with the latest update. Naturally, most users are subscribers to WhatsApp main client. However, you can also join millions of other users on the beta testing channel to stay ahead of others when the App get updated.

As stated earlier, WhatsApp developers introduced a beta testing program to let users download and install the service on their devices seamlessly from the official Android store. To enroll in the program, load Google Play official web page, look up for “BECOME A TESTER” button, tap it and as simple as that you have become a tester.

You can now return to Google Play Store, run a search for WhatsApp, download and install it on your Android mobile phone. You will be then required to sign up with your phone number, remember as well to recall your two-step verification passcode in case you activated the process because it will be required too for verification. Otherwise, check out for WhatsApp 2.16.392 beta and enjoy the best chatting experience.

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