This Meizu 55W Charger will “Fully and Safely” Charge your 3000mAh Battery in Just 20 Minutes

Meizu 55W Charger and Super mCharge

The Mobile World Congress is always full of interesting stuff and this year’s version is no different. We’ve seen the BlackBerry KEYone and the rebirth of Nokia 3310 – and now Meizu 55W Charger is here, something you’ll definitely want to have in your smartphone toys’ collection.

After one year of R&D, Meizu has finally unveiled the new Super mCharge that promises to fully charge your 3000mAh battery from 0% to 100% in just 20 minutes! Yeah, you read it right – just 20 minutes! Meizu says that this is enough time for you to have a cup of coffee. This tech might come in handy when you happen to forget to charge your phone overnight and wake up to an empty battery in the morning yet you are supposed to jet off to work.

In showing off the new Meizu 55W Charger that boasts the aforementioned Super mCharge, the Chinese company used a 3000mAh battery unit inside a smartphone. The battery was able to charge from 0-30% in about five minutes, 30-60% in ten minutes, 60-85% in 15 minutes and 85-100% in a mere 20 minutes. This is just amazing, especially if this Super mCharge remains to be safer and more secure as claimed by the company.

Meizu 55W Charger and Super mCharge

According to Meizu, Super mCharge comes with a charging power of 55W that is delivered via a redesigned data cable with the ability to support up to a massive charging power of 160W. During the rapid charging period, the highest temperate the Meizu 55W Charger can get your phone’s battery is 39°C, meaning you can still use it when connected to the power source.

While this new Meizu 55W Charger looks very promising, the company has yet to confirm details of the availability. Still, the Super mCharge tech will have to compete with the likes of Super VOOC technology, which also promises just about the same charging speeds, where a 2500mAh battery only needs 15 minutes to charge from 0-100%.

Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to have these super fast charging smartphones in the market. Keep following and we’ll update you when this happens!

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