Mercedes Benz EQ Cars Will Offer at least 250 Mile Range

Mercedes Benz EQ 250 Mile Range

Mercedes Benz hogged the limelight at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show because of their impressive electric cars and the superfast hypercar that the team unveiled proudly during the show.

When making electric cars, the primary goal is to offer as much mile range as possible so that drivers find it as a reliable option for their commuting needs. Based on the statement made by the head of the R&D department at Mercedes, the car should be able to provide at least 250 miles on a single charge. It is the minimum level they have set for all their models while some of them will sport a much bigger battery and offer better distance coverage.

Mercedes Benz EQ look

The Concept EQA model was debuted at the Frankfurt motor show which is the second model in the series and will go into production soon. The automobile manufacturer has an idea to get their first ever full-electric car out and have at least a year gap before the second model is released in the market. The first of the lot is a EQC which happens to be a SUV and Mercedes is yet to justify as why they would launch such a big EV at first before bringing out smaller cars to the dealership stores.

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The research and development is working with a goal to provide a minimum of 250 miles for their EVs while their ultimate target is to offer 310 miles without increasing the size of the battery. Real life performance would however vary which is why Mercedes engineers are working to push the boundaries so that they deliver the proposed electric efficiency in real road conditions.

Mercedes Benz EQ

“When we started off to produce an electric car, our most important goal was to provide the best range possible. After all, no electric vehicle would make sense if all it could deliver was just 100 kilometers, which is like 62 miles. Buyers wouldn’t be convinced to make the switch if they don’t get any value out of the new technology. The performance, speed and design of the EQ models were all focused on only after we were sure it is possible to deliver the best possible range,” said Ola Kallenius.

The team is also planning to innovate induction mats which will be used to car a charge quickly without the driver having to plug in a cord every time they run out of charge. The mats will be installed in over 400 sites all over Europe to make travelling easy.

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