NBA 2K18 Proves Nintendo Switch is Nowhere as Powerful as PS4 and Xbox One

NBA 2K18 Proves Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is much more open console when compared to the previously released Wii and Wii U platforms.

The company wants third party developers to launch their games on the Switch console.

Right from the first day, it is a known fact the Nintendo Switch console is nowhere as powerful as the PS4 and the Xbox One. Despite the inferior hardware components, the console was still priced a premium at $300 because of the hybrid powers it offered. Players will be able to enjoy their favorite Mario and Zelda games on a big screen television with the ability to keep gaming on the go as well.

NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch PS4 and Xbox One

“Stunning Graphics” Not so much

As confirmed by a popular Nintendo magazine that keeps track of all the games getting released on the Switch console, the NBA 2K18 which is now available on the platform plays inferior compared to its current generation console counterparts. The game which is being promoted to have stunning graphics on the console runs at just 30 frames per second. For a sports title, the FPS is very low because the faster and more fluid it is, the more fun it will be enjoy the game for long hours.

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If you are looking for the ultimate experience on the Switch console, it is better to skip it and buy the game on a PS4 or the Xbox One platform. Obviously, these two will run NBA2K18 at an increased 60 frames per second making it the best basketball experience that you could get. However, in terms of content, the game will pretty much be the same on all three platforms and there are no limitations on this aspect.

NBA 2K18

Modes and Features Remain the Same

The game modes, the teams and number of players available in each one of them remains the same. Some rumors claimed that Nintendo will launch Amiibo support for the NBA game but 2K confirmed that they don’t have plans to do so. It might require additional programming and compatibility which may lead to more issues. The original developers confirmed that they don’t have plans to introduce Amiibos any time soon which is good because if these toys are exclusive to Nintendo’s first party titles, they make more sense rather than trying to push them with third party games like NBA or WWE.

Nintendo Switch will also receive some surprising titles like Doom and Wolfenstein II which should appease a lot of gamers who wanted some mature content on the kid friendly console.

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