Microsoft Announces Free Xbox 360 Games for March 2017

Xbox 360 Games

Even as we are nearly a week ahead of March 2017, the tech giant Microsoft has announced the list of games that you can play for free on its Xbox 360 gaming console.

These are available for free download only for a short time duration and only Xbox Live Gold members. Owing to backward compatibility support, these games can also be played on Xbox One.

Xbox Live Gold members

In the first half of March, you can download Borderlands 2 on your Xbox 360 console between the first and fifteenth of the month. The game adopts the role playing game strategy. The first person shooter game is best played in co-operative mode for maximum fun and enjoyment. While the humor at times tends to be a case of a hit and miss, the art style is terrific and the guns produce excellent results. All in all, the game offers unmatched excitement for about a dozen hours. The game takes place four years after the events in Borderlands have taken place. Like its predecessor, to start with, the game features the four characters – Maya the Siren, Zer0 the Assassin, Axton the Commando and Salvador the Gunzerker. Two additional characters, Krieg the Psycho and Gaige the Mechromancer are available as downloadable content. The four lead characters of the prequel also appear as non-playable characters.

Xbox 360 Games

For the latter part of March, Xbox 360 fans can download Heavy Weapon. Offering 2D shooting style, the game allows its player to take possession of an atomic tank and prevent a Russian caricature wearing a thin veil from invading the home territory. If the number of opponents is too large for the gamer to tackle single-handedly, he or she can try playing the game in either online mode with a maximum of four players or in local co-operative mode. Instead of moving straight, the tank keeps swaying to left and right and houses a turret gun that is the key weapon used in the game. This gun can be fired at a 180-degree angle. In addition, nukes can be used to eliminate enemies from the screen. Heavy Weapon comprises a total of 19 levels with mission and survival levels. In the Mission mode, the player is expected to blast various foes and emerge victorious over their boss at the end. For each mission, the gamer has three lives. In Survival mode, gamers can become part of a war party survival game that has a maximum of four players or try and survive individually by themselves.

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Both the games are backward compatible, and hence can also be played on Xbox One.

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