Microsoft Announces Summer Discounts on Xbox One Consoles and Game Bundles

microsoft Xbox SummerSavings

Microsoft as with the norms have announced yet another sale. This time, it is the summer discount bundle sale where the Xbox One consoles and their game bundles are receiving considerable discounts.

The Xbox One X, the most powerful 4K console is scheduled for launch in the month of November. But, Microsoft is already busy shipping as many One S and One consoles before the big gun lands in the market. While the 4K console which is quite expensive at $499 is not going to eat into the market share of the existing hardware, it sure would help them push existing stocks so that there is space for innovation and possibly a revamped version of the console could be launched later this year.

microsoft xbox s Minecraft

In their official blog, the company confirmed that the fun Xbox One S Minecraft bundle can be hard for as little as $249 making it the cheapest and the most suitable solution for young ones. They can learn a lot playing Minecraft than they would ever do at school. Besides, when you buy the 500GB console bundle the game will not only be unlocked on the console but a cross platform allows gamers to experience it on their Windows 10 computers as well. The special pack also includes a massive collection of 13 great content packs to further enhance the gaming experience.

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Next in the line is the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundle which will cost slightly higher at $279. When you opt for it, you not only get an action packed single player campaign but also a cool multiplayer experience set in the World War I era. Battlefield series by Electronic Arts and DICE has been the best military shooter experience that you can get throughout the years. They expand it to the WWI now and with Xbox Live subscription, you can play with 64 players at once for an immersive battle like never before.

microsoft Xbox One X battlefield

When you opt for these bundles, Microsoft has thrown in an additional offer of $10 off for 3-month Xbox Live gold membership and $10 off on wireless controllers. However, the controller deal is applicable only on select models and there are dozens of them out there by now including Halo 5 Guardians, Gear of War 4 special edition controllers.

If you are planning to buy one of the games, Halo Wars 2 and Gears of War 4 are available with a great discount of about $30 off the original price. There are more summer deals coming our way if the Xbox blog is something to go by. The team is busy rolling out one offer after the other to keep gamers engaged.

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