Moto Z2 Force Specs Suggest Snapdragon 835 Chip, Expected Launch on July 25th

moto z2 force

With the release date close, more leaks have been spotted with regards to another flagship phone from Motorola. The Moto Z2 Force has been spotted once again in benchmarks and the entire specifications of the phone is now out.

According to the Antutu Benchmark screenshots which has emerged online, the Moto Z2 Force will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor along with a massive 6GB of RAM to keep all those zippy at all times. The device is going to be one of the most talked about Motorola phones not because of the processing chip but mostly for the fact that it ushers in dual cameras with the phone for the first time.

Moto-Z2 Force

While companies like Huawei, Asus and Samsung have already jumped in the dual camera bandwagon, Moto is a bit late to the party. However, the way they have incorporated the cameras beautifully in the back within the single bump in a circular design is a welcome addition. Many manufacturers still struggle to find the right balance between design and usability when it comes to keeping the cameras on a smartphone.

Along with the setup, the rumoured Moto Z2 Force also features LTE support to allow up to 1GBPS internet speed and Shattershield technology. The name says a lot and the shatterproof display will ensure your phone doesn’t break just because you accidentally dropped it once. With people carrying their phones wherever they go, it becomes a tough task to keep the displays from shattering even with the slightest drop. The designers at Motorola seem to have come up with a sensible solution and it should further become better with time.

Moto-Z2 Force spec

The specifications are good enough to make it a flagship smartphone. Apart from the chip and the RAM, the phone sports a large 5.5-inch AMOLED display with a Quad HD resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels making it the best looking display in recent times. Samsung has already crossed all the initial barriers to reach the resolution but for those who like Motorola, this seems to be a viable choice in 2017.

A 2.4GHz octa core Qualcomm processor is found in the Moto Z2 Force along with 128 GB of storage space. The phone has 12 megapixel rear camera, 5 megapixel front camera with water repellent coating but the size of the battery used is unknown at the moment. The model is expected to be launched at the New York Motorola event scheduled to take place on July 25th.

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