Microsoft Rolling Out Windows Holographic Mixed Reality Kit Featuring Acer Headset in March

Mixed Reality Holographic Developers Kit

Microsoft has announced at the Game Developers Conference that it would start shipping development kits that could be paired with Windows 10 desktops running Windows Holographic shells.

The company officials stated that these kits would begin to ship in March this year. The rollout will be a phased one, with the Windows Mixed Reality term being a new branding of what was previously known as Windows Holographic.

Microsoft Windows 10

Developer Kits

Microsoft had already announced in 2016 that the company would produce VR headsets that could be paired with the Windows 10 desktops that were running on the Windows Holographic shells. This would be done in partnership with several other device makers. The development kits are now ready and will start shipping from this month.

The price of the Microsoft VR headsets will start at $299 and will be coming from many companies, such as Acer and ASUS as well as Lenovo and HP and Dell and some others. These will continue to be shipped to customers later on this year.

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ACER Prototype

The headset will be ACER prototypes and will offer access to the preview builds of Windows 10. It will also have an SKD for creation of mixed reality apps. The ACER headset comes with two LCD displays in high resolution at 1440 x 1440. The refresh rate of the display will have a maximum of 90 Hz. It will also have an audio out that is built in along with support for microphone. There is one HDMI cable of 2.0 display and a USB data 3.0, offered for connectivity.

Take on the term Mixed Reality

Microsoft is now referring to the Windows Holographic as the Mixed Reality, in order to show that it represents everything from AR to VR with everything in between included in it, according to Terry Myerson, the Group chief of Windows and Devices.

Mixed Reality Holographic Developers Kit

According to Terry Myerson, the Virtual headsets that are tethered to the Windows 10 desktops will offer more external monitors. The headsets are opaque and so it will not allow the user to view the surroundings when seeing the holograms.

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According to officials of the company, Microsoft is also planning to bring the MR content to Xbox devices, along with the Project Scorpio by next year.

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Project Scorpio

This is Microsoft’s premium gaming console that will be shipped some time later this year. There has been speculation regarding whether the company will offer VR headsets support for Scorpio, but Microsoft has not yet replied to this. The company will probably offer some more information regarding the Mixed Reality for Windows at the Build conference to be held in the middle of May this year. More information on the Project Scorpio will also be available at the E3 to be held in June this year.

Microsoft Project Scorpio

HoloLens Shelved

The 2nd version of the HoloLens is probably being shelved. The second version was earlier planning for delivery this year, but it might not be releasing this year after all and might get a 2019 release, according to some tipsters.

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