Microsoft To Have a Key Role in Putting Together The New Activision Blizzard Team


Once Microsoft completes the process of acquiring Activision Blizzard, it will have to look into a lot of important matters.

All the terms and conditions, that are a part of the deal, have been specified but regulatory bodies have not approved of them yet. This particular regulatory body comprises of several important agencies including the US Federal Trade Commission. Industry experts are of the opinion that Microsoft wouldn’t face any difficulty while getting this deal approved.

Team Microsoft has spoken extensively about this deal and what it plans to do after the acquisition is complete. Apart from ensuring a “principled approach to app stores”, it has promised to let the Call of Duty games be a part of the PlayStation.

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Microsoft president Brad Smith, while giving an interview to CNBC was enquired about how the company plans to deal with the issues plaguing Activision Blizzard at the moment. In July 2021, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a complaint against Activision Blizzard for “harassment and discrimination against women”. More than 3,000 employees of the company signed an open letter and urged the company to address these issues immediately.

Smith responded to this question by stating that if one has to bring about a significant change in the work culture of an organization, one would need a “combination of commitment and humility.” He further stated that Microsoft will do its best to improve the working conditions in Activision Blizzard and pointed out that until the acquisition happens, the responsibility of the well-being of the employees at Activision Blizzard is the responsibility of their management.

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Smith hinted at putting together a fresh new team to ensure that the working culture at Activision Blizzard improves drastically and no employee has to face any kind of discrimination in the future. As per Smith, workplace safety would be a top priority for them and they would ensure that no lapses take place in this regard. Since Activision has been mired in several controversies since the last one year, one expects Microsoft to keep a closer look at credibility of the employees that are hired in the company.

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