Call of Duty Mobile: YouTuber Demonstrates Simple Trick That Will Make Aiming Much Easier

COD Vanguard

Call of Duty: Mobile players have been facing certain difficulties owing to the presence of an overwhelming number of meta weapons and several other items that keep getting introduced in the game in a haphazard manner.

Things had become so complicated that professional tournaments had come with a rule that banned the use of meta weapons like LMGs and shotguns.

Bobby “Bobby Plays” Buckets, a popular YouTuber who makes informative videos on Call of Duty: Mobile, stated that it was not surprising to see such a ruleset being introduced in COD: Mobile as the meta items would cause a lot of issues during competitive tournaments. He did admit that some of the banned items could have been useful for the players. One such item was the Disable Perk.

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According to the YouTuber, perks don’t really change the narrative in competitive tournaments organized in COD: Mobile but Disable Perk could have made a significant difference if it was integrated with LMGs and ARs.

When it comes to Ranked play, players can make things easier for them by using the Disable Perk on their weapon. The perk brings down the opponents’ movement speed by 15% if any part of their body gets hit. Once the opponents suffer from some damage, the Disable Perk decreases their strafe speed and movement. This helps the players get a lead in the game.

In one of the videos uploaded on his YouTube channel, Bobby Plays demonstrates the potential of this perk by integrating it with the Hades LMG and the Long-Range barrel. To see the slowdown effect of the perk, players don’t necessarily have to hit multiple shots one after another as the movement speed of the opponents gets reduced as soon as you hit it once.

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In the gameplay demonstrated by Bobby, Hades strikes off one opponent after another smoothly. While the LMG boasts of impressive statistics, the Disable Perk had enhanced its features considerably.

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