The Sims 4 Wedding Pack To Be Finally Launched in Russia

Sims Gay marriage

Russia is a country that is yet to legalize same-sex marriages.

There are certain laws in the country that have often attracted the ire of those who have championed the cause of people with alternate sexuality having the same rights as those who identify themselves as straight. Recently, Electronic Arts had decided against releasing their latest The Sims 4 wedding pack in Russia (that features a lesbian couple) as it would have necessitated them to make some modifications to it. Now, the gaming publisher has changed its decision and decided to launch it in Russia.

Last week, Electronic Arts had made an official announcement about not releasing My Wedding Stories in Russia owing to laws in the country that makes it necessary for content, that is considered to be ‘gay propaganda’ by its authorities, to be packaged as ‘mature content’ and made available to individuals above the age of 28 only.

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The release of this new pack, which revolves around themes like love and marriage, has now been postponed to February 23. Electronic Arts has stated that this had been done to ensure that it gets the kind of ‘global release’ it deserves. It will now be launched in Russia without any changes or alterations.

Apart from some prominent Sims influencers, the Sims team acknowledged the fact that it received backlash from the Russian Sims community as well. According to The Sims 4 players in Russia, not releasing the pack in the country would have offended the LGBTQ+ players of the game. There were many who also asserted that perhaps Electronic Arts didn’t understand the law very well and was taking a hasty decision.

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According to the Russian government, this law has been designed to safeguard ‘traditional family values’. One is not sure if the authorities are pleased but The Sims fans in Russia are definitely rejoicing at the news of the Sims 4 wedding pack releasing in the country.

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