Microsoft Windows 10 Users Get to Play a New RTS in Halo Wars 2 Demo

Halo Wars 2 Demo

The real time strategy genre is coming back as Halo Wars 2 and a demo version of the game is available for players on Windows 10 platform.

The genre has been long gone in the world of gaming due to MOBAs and MMORPGS like Starcraft, Dota and League of Legends. Compared to these titles, RTS is very complex as it requires a player to control a wide range of characters and troops at once to take down an opponent. Besides, such a strategy game set in the world of Halo makes things really interesting to get into.

Halo Wars 2

With Halo Wars 2 demo, Windows 10 users will be able to experience the convenience of using a mouse and keyboard to play the game. The races found in the game include Warthogs, Spartans and all other popular races that are part of the Halo universe for a very long time. Similar to titles like Lord of the Rings, Warcraft and Command & Conquer series, Halo has pretty much everything a strategy game need. There are plenty of characters to explore and they add depth to the storyline.

In terms of storyline and campaign, the game begins with an engaging mission according to the official description on the Windows Store. The developers have worked to ensure it runs seamlessly on the Windows 10 platform and have also added a new game mode named Blitz Firefight.

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The campaign mode is expansive and allows the player to command a massive army filled with firepower to the core. Players have to go against the might of the alien invasion and many surprising elements that are added to the storyline. Instead of the usual game, there is always the option to experience some quick action using the Blitz Firefight mode.

Halo Wars 2 Demo

In this particular mode, all players on board will have access to a deck of cards. You can use each one of them to summon tanks, troops and other firepower so as to go against a non-stop enemy wave. The concept is very similar to survival mode found in Call of Duty titles. Bringing the same idea to a real time strategy title like Halo Wars 2 demo sounds like an innovative idea! If it becomes a hit, we may see similar modes in all upcoming RTS games even though the genre has very less releases in recent times. You can download the demo from the Windows store to give it a shot before making the purchase.

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