Microsoft Xbox Evolves: Playing Unfinished Games on the New Xbox One

Microsoft xbox one

Microsoft is taking a big step with the upcoming Xbox One devices, with the Live Creators Program that was announced at the Game Developers Conference of 2017 held this week.

The program will not allow a carte blanche so not all games can be published, but with more freedom there could be several more titles available.

Open Game Platform

Earlier, the Xbox One did not offer a platform that was an open game type, as all games had to be vetted by the company, that is, Microsoft. This surely meant that the games came with good quality, but the quantity of games suffered. Also, it was difficult for a people with a great idea to launch their game on the Xbox. Marc Whitten, the chief of Microsoft Xbox during 2013, had not meant it to function in this manner, as he had promised that almost anyone could publish their game in the Xbox One. However, this never happened.

Xbox One

A Big Step

Four years down the line, Microsoft is taking a huge step towards making it an open gaming platform. From the summer of 2017, Microsoft will stop picking or selecting games that are good enough for the Xbox. So, even unfinished or early access type of games can be allowed. Such a program will allow the company that have the potential of another Rocket League, according to the senior marketing official of Xbox, Bryan Saftler, in his statement to CNET.

The Live Creators program was announced at the Game Developers Conference of 2017 held this week, but without any important details.

The Good

According to the new program for the Microsoft Xbox One devices, Microsoft will not reject games, unless a store policy is breached. Games will be seen in the store of the Xbox and developers will be able to fix their prices. The games might also be available in the Windows Store, depending on thedevelopers’ desire. Players can carry over the games to the next device of Xbox, with Project Scorpio in place. Gamers can also save a game in the cloud and view the games that friends play. Developers have to pay just one fee of $20 to begin with for registering to the developer account of Microsoft.

Developers will also be allowed to test the game on the real Xbox and can also submit a Windows game that already possesses an Xbox Live sign in, when the new program begins.

Microsoft xbox one

Increase in Quantity

This will surely lead to more number of games being available for the Microsoft Xbox, once the program starts and the new titles get released.


However, a major drawback is that online multiplayer games will not be allowed, making it all the more difficult to find another Rocket League. Also, games may not be able to access the Xbox’s full power. Additionally, developers will have to make a title using the UWP tools of Microsoft, so current Windows games cannot be ported over. The process of approval is still in place, but the process will be a standard one to weed out the inappropriate games.

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