New Google HP Chromebook Option for Schools Coming in April, Chromebooks Not Dead

Google HP Chromebook

Google has announced a new option of Chromebook, manufactured by HP, meant for schools that want Google notebooks for their students.

Google has announced that HP will be releasing the new notebook around the middle of April this year will release the new Chromebook.

Rugged Notebook

The new Google Chromebook by HP will be a rugged one. It is a 360 degrees convertible laptop, featuring a USB C type of charger and a rear-facing camera, which is similar to the Asus and Acer Chromebooks that were released in January this year.

The new HP Chromebooks will also offer stylus, which is an optional feature. However, it is not sure whether the stylus is the same one as the budget stylus coming with Asus and Acer devices. Google has not elaborated on the specifications of the new HP Chromebook.

Google HP Chromebook

Google’s Announcement

Google has made an announcement regarding its model x360 11 G1, with a post celebrating the status of its Chromebooks, being one of the top selling notebooks and tabs among the schools in Sweden in 2016. The post also shows Google mentioning that there were some creative applications in Europe, so administrators now have the ability to approve the Android app library and then install them on their chosen devices.

Chromebook Series to Continue

Earlier on this week, there were rumors that Google was planning to kill the Chromebook series, after an interview with Rock Osterloh, the senior VP of Google’s hardware division in the MWC 2017 event. According to the reports, Google has decided to discontinue the Chrome operating system running laptops branded as Pixel laptops. However, the news is not true after all. Osterloh has since then corrected the information regarding the Chromebook, a budget friendly notebook series by the company. He states that his statement was taken out of the context and was misstated as Google putting an end to Chromebook series.

Osterloh has offered a clarification on Twitter that Google will continue to produce Chromebooks, though there are no plans of any imminent release. Google’s Chromebooks are not dead, but will continue to live on.

Good Alternative

According to the TechnoBuffalo, it is practical for Google to go on with the Chromebook series, as many users appreciate the device when compared to the usual laptops running Windows. It is a cheaper alternative to the costlier Windows or Apple laptops.

HP Chromebook

Budget Option

The first Chromebook Pixel laptop was released in 2013 and this was followed up by another last year. Time has reported that the Chromebooks are a hit within the education sector, which comprises around 72% of its sales. In fact, last year, Chromebooks have sold more than iPads in schools, as the former are cheaper and offer a more practical laptop for students.

There are many such reasonably priced Chromebooks now available in the market. For instance, Samsung and Asus as well as Acer, Dell and HP have joined Google and offered users with laptop options running on the Chrome operating system.

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