Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales Update Soon; Might Get Ray-Tracing Support on Xbox Series X

Minecraft Cherry Blossom update

Minecraft fans have a look to look forward to from the 3D sandbox game in the days to come!

For a while, Minecraft fans had been waiting for the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update to come out. This much-awaited update will be launched on June 7, 2023. Players would be able to download the update as soon as it is released and check out all the wonderful features it has to offer.

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Recently, the official YouTube channel of the game uploaded a video that offered players a glimpse of the new features they should look forward to with this Minecraft 1.20 update. What was also interesting about this video is that offered an update about Minecraft Legends, the new game by Mojang. As the video concludes, one can see Agnes Larsson, who serves as the game director at Mojang, stating that they had peppered a bunch of clues in the episode released this month about the next update’s release date.

There is another piece of information that should get Minecraft fans feeling excited. In 2020, Minecraft received RTX support on Windows 10. This enabled players, who were experiencing the game on Windows 10, to explore ray tracing and real-time lighting techniques. PS5 and Xbox Series users, however, were disappointed to see the RTX option not being given to them.

There is some good news for Minecraft fans who own PlayStation and Xbox. Idle Sloth, a prominent Xbox insider, has stated that the RTX option will be made available to Xbox and PS5 users this year itself. The insider arrived at this conclusion after some recent discoveries made by @pluginer_tr and @xKingDarkYT. In the recent preview build, the two of them stumbled upon graphic options related to ray tracing that were hidden in the files.

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