Grand Theft Auto 6 Might Feature Microtransactions: Here’s Why!


Gamers, who prefer microtransactions and find them useful, have yet another reason to look forward to Grand Theft Auto 6.

While Grand Theft Auto 6 is not releasing anytime in the near future, it is being discussed every day in the gaming community. A lot of speculations have been made on the game and now, some fans are designing their expectations around the game based on what the recent titles by Rockstar Games have offered them. Sections of GTA fans now believe that the multiplayer portion of the much-awaited game will feature microtransactions.

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Both Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online feature in-game currency which can be earned by a player when they chose to spend real money. GTA Online, in particular, has been a game that has enabled Rockstar Games to make a lot of money in the last decade.

While Rockstar Games has always been particular about the creative aspect of its games, it has also been quite conscious of making a good amount of profit through its titles. Because of this, there is a good possibility of the gaming publisher coming out with GTA 6 Online shortly after releasing GTA 6.

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One of the biggest reasons why players believe GTA 6 will feature microtransactions is because of the fact that it worked extremely well for GTA Online. Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive has also acknowledged the fact that GTA Online has been extremely profitable for the company.

With time, the amount of transactions gamers make on GTA Online has grown substantially. The kind of success GTA Online has seen with microtransactions, therefore, would be the major reason behind Rockstar introducing them in GTA 6. If not introduced in GTA 6, there is a good chance of the gaming publisher incorporating it in the online variant of the game.

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