Minecraft: New Update Fixes a Decade Long Glitch


A bug that had been a part of Minecraft for as long as 11 years has finally been driven away!

A recently rolled-out update in Minecraft has managed to do something which no other update or patch was able to do in all these years. When the patch was released, most people thought it to be a routine update that would alter a handful of parameters and eliminate a few bugs. However, soon one realized that there was something special about this update.

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This update has eliminated a bug that managed to remain a part of the game for almost 11 years. This particular bug even had a name, MC-1133. The presence of this bug didn’t allow players to hear footsteps when their avatar was in close proximity to a block’s edge in the game. This was happening because the game would not be able to figure out the exact position of the avatar. It would imagine the avatar to be in mid-air instead of being on the ground. Therefore, when the avatar walked, no sound was heard.

However, that’s not the case anymore. Mojang has confirmed the elimination of this bug and has ensured players that they wouldn’t face such an issue again. This has brought a lot of relief to the players who had to deal with this glitch for more than a decade now. While it was not a major issue, it was bothering players and not letting them enjoy the game as much as they could have.

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The patch notes released for this update offer a clear idea of what one can expect now. As per the patch notes, when an avatar walks on a block, it can hear a step sound. When they walk on the ocean floor, a step sound will be heard as well.

This update has brought in a couple of other interesting changes in the game as well. Now, players wouldn’t be required to use a smithing template in the template slot. When players navigate their way to the Redstone Blocks creative tab, they will find a jukebox added there.

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