Minecraft 1.21 Update Might Not Have An Important Feature Found In Big Updates

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Since Mojang has not confirmed the inclusion of a new biome with this Minecraft 1.21 update, and fans are quite concerned!

The much-awaited Minecraft 1.21 update is expected to be launched towards the middle of this year. While there is a lot of speculation around this update, fans are quite certain that it will be quite special and loaded with a lot of exciting content. One has come across reports offering a glimpse of all that this update will offer. If we go by the reports, a major element that had been a part of most major updates of Minecraft so far will not be a part of the 1.21 update.

Which biome you think is going to be added in 1.21
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When you see the confirmed list of content for the 1.21 update, you realize that a new biome will not be added to it. Since most updates in the game have brought in a new biome, this particular update not bringing one would seem strange to most players. This particular factor will also play a role in differentiating this update from the other updates one has come across so far.

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Those who are feeling about the exclusion of a biome could seek solace in the fact that there is still a good chance of the update introducing a new biome. Though Mojang has not made any announcement about a new biome being introduced in the game through the 1.21 update, it could make an announcement about it shortly if there are plans to launch one.

The Nether update was the first Minecraft update to have featured a new biome. Since then, most major updates have marked the arrival of a new biome into the game. Through update 1.20, one was introduced to a pink cherry grove biome. Mangrove swamps were brought into the game via update 1.19.

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