Minecraft Update 1.21 Preview Unveils a New Mob

Minecraft 1.20 Update

Along with the mob, Minecraft has offered players glimpses of Snapshot builds in the newest Minecraft Update 1.21.

Minecraft has just unveiled a new mob in the form of the Bogged. This mob has been made available as a part of Minecraft update 1.21. Though patch 1.21 was already present in Minecraft Snapshot, Mojang has consistently worked towards adding new content to it. A fresh hostile bomb is one of the many new content offerings in patch 1.21.

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Ever since its launch, the game has introduced hostile and neutral bombs which are known for dropping their own loot. Sheep and Cows, as fans would know, drop Wool and Leather. On the other hand, hostile mobs like Zombies are known for dropping Skeletons Drop Bones, Spiders Drop Webs, Rotten Flesh and Arrows. This leads to players procuring less ordinary loot from their enemies that prove to be a little dangerous at night.

It is important to note here that spawn rooms are known for providing players with the chance to farm these hostile mobs. Players put together materials around spawn rooms to ensure the process of collecting different items turns out to be smooth. Mojang has also made a confirmation about another mob being included in the game in update 1.21.

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On Valentine’s Day, Mojang confirmed about new content being added to Minecraft 1.21. Players had already seen Trial Chambers, the Armadillo and Vaults being a part of Update 1.21. Mojang officially confirmed a new Skeleton named the Bogged. This is a part of the Trial Chambers now.

While confirmation about the Bogged being a part of the Minecraft Trial Chambers came through, the announcement teased fans some of the other locations as well. According to Mojang, players can also stumble upon the new hostile mob in the Swamp and Mangrove biomes.

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