Minecraft May Get a Patch Soon to Make it Run at 1080p on Nintendo Switch Docked

Minecraft Nintendo Switch

All Nintendo Switch games are supposed to run at 1080p resolution on the big screen television when docked.

However, the newly released Minecraft Nintendo Switch edition runs only at 720p and Microsoft did explain why it doesn’t run full HD.

The Switch has enough power to handle a less graphic intensive game like Minecraft. However, there seems to be a technical issue with regards to the resolution changes the game is supposed to cope up with. The hardware developers have designed it in such a way that their first party titles will easily recognize whether the system is docked or undocked to be used as a handheld gaming devices. Nintendo has always done this easily because they are aware of the hardware and its specifications whereas a third party developer like Mojang or Microsoft doesn’t have enough expertise.

Minecraft Get Patch Soon

In their statement to TIME magazine, Microsoft said that the game couldn’t recognize whether it is running on docked mode or undocked mode that causes an issue with the resolution. Originally, it has been programmed to run at 720p which is easy because the Switch is primarily a handheld console and most would enjoy playing it on the go than being glued to their television. The patch is under development, if we are to believe the rumors surrounding this issue and Microsoft engineers are working hard to bring it out in time.

Surprisingly, no other game has come across such an issue and it is only Minecraft that had to run on a lower resolution even when the console receives full power from the dock. While it may be an issue for perfectionists who would want to experience the game in its highest resolution on their HD television, most wouldn’t find the difference. The pixelated game of Minecraft has always looked average irrespective of the platform on which it runs. Be it a 4K PC or the PS4 console, it would look the same and the graphical fidelity continues to look similar even on the smaller PS Vita console which was launched nearly five years ago.

Minecraft Nintendo Switch

Once the patch it out, the Minecraft Nintendo Switch edition will run in 1080p resolution, we hope. Meanwhile, the game has made amazing sales on the eShop and is already on par with the sales witnessed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It is on top of the list and has been witnessing great support from the community as well as critics who loved the Mojang game.