Samsung Galaxy C10 Leaks – Dual-Lens Camera and Bixby Button Appear

Samsung Galaxy C10

If the current rumors are anything to go by, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the first flagship device from Sammy to come with a dual-lens camera on the back.

However, we’ve heard before that the Galaxy Note 8 may not be the first smartphone from the South Korean company to come in with a dual-lens camera setup. Apparently, the tech giant is once again turning to the Galaxy C series as its test bed before making this feature finally available on the Note 8.

We say ‘once again’ because last year, the Galaxy C9 Pro was the first device from Samsung to feature a massive 6GB RAM and for the first time, we saw a Samsung flagship phone with the same amount of RAM – the Galaxy S8+. Before, the Note series was the one that acted as the test bed, but this job has been passed over to the new C series.

If the latest reports are to be believed, there’s a new Samsung Galaxy C10 smartphone in the works. Apparently, the Galaxy C10 will not only be the first to ship with a dual-lens camera, but it will also be the first midranger to come with inbuilt support for Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant.

While Samsung has not confirmed anything regarding the alleged Galaxy C10 family, rumors have been flying around at an alarming rate, with the latest coming in courtesy of a leaked cover. The purported Galaxy C10 cover shows off a dual-lens camera cutout on the back and a cutout for Bixby on the side. Samsung had confirmed that Bixby will not be limited to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and with this move, the handset could be among the first devices to support this digital assistant.

At the beginning, the Galaxy C series came in as a Chinese variant, however, the phones have slowly been finding their way into other markets. We don’t know the status of the Galaxy C10, especially since the company has not confirmed the device. But it’ll be nothing strange if Sammy releases a dual-lens midranger in China since the market there has been flooded with similar devices at cheaper prices.