Minecraft Playstation Editions Get 3rd Birthday Skin Pack and Minor Patch Update

Minecraft Playstation 4 Edition

The development team at 4J Studios is quite busy today as they have been rolling out multiple updates for Minecraft Playstation Editions.

The team on their official Twitter handle confirmed that they have rolled out a small but important patch update. Players can download it for Minecraft, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita editions right now. While a detailed change log is released on the forums, the big news is that it has been three years since the game originally got launched on the Sony platforms.

Minecraft Playstation 4 Edition

Commemorating the occasion, 4J studios rolled out the free 3rd Birthday Skin pack for all Sony consoles. Mojang studios are the original developers of the game. However, they handed out the console version porting to 4J and those people there have been doing a great job so far. While it always takes weeks for Sony to approve every update before it is rolled out to the PS4 or PS3 platforms, they do their best to bring it on time.

Besides, the freebies on Minecraft Playstation Editions are fun just like the free 3rd birthday celebration skin pack released today. Along with the celebrations, the team rolled out the new patch 1.39 for Minecraft PS4, PS3 and PS Vita editions.

According to the official Minecraft forums, the patch brings some minor updates to the Tutorial world. It is being rolled out to fix a number of crashes related to the game. Players were facing frequent issues which should now run fine once you download the patch.

With the patch, the crashing issue when Elyntra is used in splitscreen mode has been fixed. Other crashes that are fixed include the one that occurs when firing a snowball from a dispenser and when you craft fireworks using renamed items. The End crystals which were invulnerable due to a bug will now work as intended. The same changes are applicable on all Sony platforms including PS4, PS3, PS Vita editions.

Minecraft Pocket Editions

Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket Editions received the Ender update a day ago. The biggest and most prominent update of them all should roll out to the console version of the game real soon. But, the usual development and the testing process will be carried out by 4J studios in association with Sony before it lands on the platforms. Meanwhile, you can explore the birthday skin pack and keep building new worlds within the game. A similar patch fix has been rolled out for other platforms as well, as confirmed by 4J studios.

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