New WhatsApp Update Allows Recalling and Deleting of Sent Texts – No More Embarrassments


WhatsApp is planning a new update that will allow users to recall or to delete an embarrassing text that they have sent and wish to revoke.

The update will also allow the user to edit a text once it has been sent. Even if the text has been delivered to the contact in the chat application, the sender can revoke or recall and even make changes and edits to the message sent.

WhatsApp Deleting Sent Messages

Saving Embarrassment

The new update could go a long way in improving relationships between users and saving them a lot of embarrassment. There are times when users change their minds regarding a particular message that they have sent. However, till now, it is not possible to make changes to a message sent through WhatsApp or even recall it.

Trial Feature

The new feature for editing, recalling or deleting a sent message in WhatsApp is currently under beta or trial period. WhatsApp is now trying out this new feature in the iPhone, beta software version. People who have access to this new beta release claim that the feature is not abled in the application by default. This means that the user has to know about the existence of such an option and then search for it and enable it in the settings.

iOS Version

When the user presses and holds on the sent message in the iOS version of the WhatsApp application, there are new options to be seen in the menu. The Edit option will allow the user to make changes to the message content, whereas the Revoke option will allow the user to remove the text from a conversation, making it non existent. However, it is possible to remove or revoke the message only if the receiver has not yet seen the message text. As of now, users can delete a message from their chat conversation page, but they message will continue to remain on the page of the recipient.

New Feature for Android

@WABetaInfo, a Twitter user, has posted the picture of this new feature when working on the app in an iPhone. However, there is no news as yet as to if or when the new revoking, deleting, editing feature will be available for users of Android phones as a beta version.

Content of Archived Files

In another attempt, WhatsApp is also attempting to test users of the iPhone in previewing the content of an archive file in WhatsApp. This could be a ZIP file or an RAR file that was shared with the iPhone user on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New-Features

Other New Features

In November, WhatsApp had brought in another new update with two fresh features. The user can stream videos and not have to wait for the video to be downloaded before he or she watches them. The other new feature was to do with support for an animated GIF. WhatsApp also offered a new feature of embedding an earlier text in the reply, which can be compared to the Quote Tweet used on Twitter. Users can also send a bold or italic text and also a strike through one.

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