Minecraft: Universal Studios DLC Brings In Content From Popular Movie Franchises

Universal Studios DLC

The content released through the Universal Studios DLC would greatly appeal to those who have enjoyed the movies churned out by Universal Studios.

Minecraft was launched as a sandbox game in the year 2009 by Mojang Studios. Despite being more than a decade old, Minecraft’s popularity has remained unaffected despite the arrival of a few other games in this category. The basic system requirements of the game made it reach out to a large number of gamers. However, that was not the only reason behind its widespread success. Mojang made it a point to release fresh content for the game via DLCs at regular intervals. Since fans kept receiving new content regularly, their interest in the game remained alive.

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Now, Mojang has rolled out a new update for Minecraft which brings in a new adventure map stuffed with a variety of attractions one comes across at Universal Studios. Many of the elements in this content update have been inspired by Back To The Future, Skull Island: The Reign of Kong and Jurassic World. If somebody has the base game, they will get all this content for free.

The Skull Island: Reign of Kong region has been modeled on the ride offered at Universal Orlando, Florida. The Jurassic World ride at Universal Beijing has inspired the Jurassic World attraction. Revenge of the Mummy, a ride from Universal Florida, has inspired a distinctive tomb. The Back to the Future installment has been designed by incorporating several elements found in different rides. Universal Japan has served as the inspiration for the JAWs attraction. Those who have followed the content rolled out by Universal Studios DLC over the years would be able to connect the dots when they see these elements.

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Apart from having a good look at these attractions, players would also have the opportunity to participate in various quests as well. Some of the letters from the Universal Studios Globe in Minecraft are missing. Players would have to go through the different attractions and trace the missing letters. They will also get the opportunity to participate in movie-themed mini-games and look for treasure in a sea infiltrated with sharks. Not just that, players can also engage in time travel at one point in time.

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