Mojang Gives an Official Name To The Forthcoming Minecraft 1.20.5 Update

Minecraft 1.20 Update

The new Minecraft 1.20.5 update is all set to bring several important changes to the game!

The upcoming Minecraft 1.20.5 update was not expected to be named since it was designed as a minor update. However, that’s exactly what Mojang has done. The forthcoming update has been named the ‘Armadillo Update’. This update would add a new feature to the game in the form of the new mob armadillo.

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The addition of smaller installments into the game by Mojang has played an important role in making the game interesting for players. The gaming studio is also including the 2023 mob vote winner along with all its features.

Recently, Minecraft uploaded a new Monthly video through which it officially revealed the name of the update. While starting the show, Vu Bui, who serves as the Chief Content Officer at Mojang, said, “Today, we will be talking Armadillo Update…”.

It was in October 2023 when The Armadillo was introduced to Minecraft players. Along with other mobs, penguins and crabs, it participated in the annual mob vote competition. The savanna-dwelling mob won the competition by quite a good margin. One of the primary reasons behind it getting the majority of the votes was that it was reintroducing wolf armor in the game.

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Initially, there were plans to launch Armadillo with the next big Minecraft 1.21 update. Mojang eventually decided to incorporate it into the game through 1.20.5, which happens to be the last minor update of 1.20. After undergoing several bug fixes and texture changes, the mob officially became a part of 1.20.5.

While there is still ambiguity around the release date of the Minecraft 1.20.5 update, five snapshots have come to the fore. The primary feature, which will be launched with 1.20.5, will be the armadillo mob. This particular creature will be seen in warm biomes like savanna biomes, their sub-biomes and badlands. When the player moves in their direction, they will move back into their shells out of fear.

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When the newly introduced brush tool is used on them, one will see them releasing a new item called scute. At the moment, scutes are largely used to put together a new wolf armor in the game. The wolf armor is one of the most important features brought to the fore by the Minecraft 1.20.5 update. If a wolf has been tamed, they will have the chance to wear wolf armor. Players can get the armor removed with the help of shears.

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