Minecraft’s New Mash-up Pack is Inspired by Adventure Time

Minecraft Adventure Time Mash-up Pack

Minecraft is a survival building block game that has been around too long than anyone could remember.

It is found everywhere you go, be it the Windows 10 PC, PS4, Xbox One or even the newly launched Nintendo Switch console.

The game is extremely popular not just on the big platforms but is already available on the PS Vita console, Android and iOS smartphones. You even have a Telltale series game that explores Minecraft: Story Mode with specific set of characters and a narrative plot. Mash-up packs are very common occurrence in the world of Minecraft. Irrespective of the type of interest you have, there should be a pack available ranging from Power Rangers to Chinese New Year among every other festival you could think of.

Minecraft Mash-up Pack

The latest pack to get launched soon on Minecraft Windows 10 edition and console edition is the one inspired by the popular kids animation series Adventure Time. The favorite characters from series, Jake the Dog and Finn the Human will make a huge appearance. The entire world of pixelated blocks had also been modified in such a way that it resembles the elements found in this particular series.

Mojang is the publisher and developer of the original Windows edition of the game. 4J studios will be handling the Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One console editions of the title along with the pocket edition on smartphones. The mashup pack will arrive soon on the platforms as confirmed by the trailer the developers released. However, it may not find its way to the Nintendo Switch console anytime soon as it is still in its nascent stages. The pricing of all mash-up packs have always been very inexpensive and this should be well in the lines priced less that $4.99.

Even if you are not a huge fan of the Adventure Time animated series, you can always buy this pack without any second thoughts as it would provide you some new content making Minecraft more interesting than it already is. The game shows no sign of slowing down and Mojang is now owned by Microsoft, allowing them to incorporate it in their virtual reality and Holo Lens plans for an immersive crafting experience.

Minecraft Adventure Time Mash-up Pack

4J studios have already completed majority of the updates for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 editions with some bugs to be fixed. The future of Minecraft remains a mystery at this moment as it will take time for them to come up with a newer version of the game, possibly Minecraft 2.0.