Mitsubishi Goes All-Out with Emirai 4 EV at Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsubishi Emirai 4 EV

Mitsubishi should have been really audacious to have launched such an electric vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Emirai 4 EV simply took everyone by surprise with its unconventional design.

The car looked as futuristic as any automobile could get and sports some of the best technological upgrades in the industry. According to the engineers from Mitsubishi, it was designed from the scratch with three basic ideas. One of them and the primary one is electrification. The next in the lot is autonomous driving and a strong focus lies on connectivity so as to make it easier for all future, smart cars to communicate with one another.

Mitsubishi Emirai 4 EV at Tokyo Motor Show

During the Tokyo Show reveal, the designing team spoke in length about how they have made the car intuitive and capable of understanding what passengers really need. One of the important features is the driver sensing system. It keeps a camera on the inside that continuously monitors the position of the driver and their posture.

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In case the driver fell asleep or is not focusing on the road, it will immediately alert the passengers and possibly slow down the car so as to avoid an accidental collision. The feature is expected to help both the driver and passenger stay safe. The car is equipped with a safe switch over which makes it easy to switch between automatic and manual driving modes. In the former, the car is capable of performing majority of the functions whereas the manual mode lets driver experience traditional driving experience with a specific set of safety assists switched on.

Mitsubishi Goes All-Out with Emirai 4 EV

Similar to many other automobile companies, Mitsubishi is focusing on AI assistant as its main idea because fully autonomous driving may take more years than original planned. Instead of trying to get approval to let a car drive on its own, the brand wants to make it easier for a human driver to get the job done with a wide range of assists provided.

Human Machine Interface, known as HMI creates an augmented reality experience. It creates a heads up display and a 3D map of the road will be displayed on the window allowing the driver to easily find the route as well as any obstacles that might emerge on the way. The HUD will also make it easy to find motels, pit stops and gas stations in a high way making it easy for the driver to keep driving without taking their eyes off the road.

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