Sonic Forces Demo on Nintendo Switch Will Annoy You Easily

Sonic Forces Demo on Nintendo Switch

The global Sonic Forces game is coming to Nintendo Switch and it’s also set for launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Game demos are becoming common now and when they do, they are supposed to give players an idea of what to expect.

The developers of Sonic Forces probably were off their mind because they have done a grave mistake on the Nintendo Switch console. First of all, they should have limited the game to the Japanese Nintendo eShop. It leaves every other Switch owner in the world in lurch because they may not be able to see how the new Sonic game looks and make a purchase decision.

Sonic Forces Demo on Nintendo Switch Will Annoy You Easily

However, if you really want to give this “demo” a shot you can do so by doing some tweaks. Make sure to create a new Nintendo account and when you do it, set the region to Japan so that it would recognize you as a person from the country. Later, when you login in, the option to download the demo will be provided to you.

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Download the game and start playing….did we say start playing? Sorry, that’s a really bad choice of words because the developers for some bizarre reason have decided to limit the game demo to just one minute. Yes, you read it totally right! The demo offers about three different levels and as soon as you start playing, it will end in just 60 seconds.

Sonic Forces Demo

That’s easily the lowest time we could have ever witnessed in a game demo and Sonic Forces deserve the award for annoying people with its limited time or we should say 60 seconds to fame. Most gamers may even choose to avoid the Nintendo Switch version or the title altogether because of this idea that the developers conceived out of nowhere.

Sonic Forces is all set for a grand launch on November 7th on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC along with the Nintendo Switch. In terms of graphics, being a Sonic game, it is going to look nearly the same on every platform. The choice of levels and gameplay might just make it popular among gamers after launch but we have to wait for initial reviews to see how well it fares. The demo is not worth your time if you live anywhere outside Japan which probably is because for just one minute of fame, it is not going to give any idea of the gameplay.

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