Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Bundle Costs $450, Launches Earlier than the Game

Monster Hunter World PS4

Sony has followed a tradition of releasing special edition consoles along with the game.

They are going to go against the trend for Monster Hunter World PS4 bundle.

For the first time, the bundle which was announced today will hit dealership stores months earlier before the full game gets released. If you have been wondering when, the title is scheduled for launch in the month of January, 2018 but the dark themed console was already showcased at the gaming expo.

Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Bundle Costs $450

Titled as the Monster Hunter World: Liolaeus Edition, it is not the Playstation 4 console but rather the PS4 Pro which is much more powerful in terms of hardware components and is the direct competitor to Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X. The console bundle will be available in Japan first on December 7, 2017. It has been priced at 49,980 yen which is quite expensive at $448 when converted. Considering the fact that it features an all-new design and the game code when it gets launched, the pricing should be okay for most fans.

After all, they are going to receive a dark themed Playstation 4 Pro console with the monster art etched on it while the red controller is a sight to behold. It looks as good as the Dualshock controller could get with a matte red finish and black monster icons that run through the hand grip. In terms of specifications, the PS4 Pro console remains exactly the same and it is not going to showcase any significant improvements in the Monster Hunter World game.

For long time fans, the game brings in a bunch of new monsters, an interesting single player campaign and when you are not simply happy with experiencing the title, the next best step is to buy the Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro bundle. It happens to be available exclusively in Japan right now and Sony has not confirmed whether they plan to bring it to the US audience any time soon.

Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Bundle

While many PS4 and PS4 Pro bundles are exclusive to Japan, this one maybe not one such entry because of the huge fan following the game has in the United States. Besides, if sold separately, gamers will also be highly interested in owning the red and black controller that looks extremely cool. You can always have a special edition controller as your backup input device along with the usual black one right?

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