Most Popular Pastimes In Tennessee

As with most places, it all depends on who you are speaking to, and what their specific preferences are as to what the most popular pastimes are in any area. But with the abundance of good weather throughout the majority of the year, it is no surprise that those that live in Tennessee make full use of it and spend most of their free time out enjoying the fresh air and socializing.

Indeed, Tennessee is a very sociable place with warm, friendly residents out to enjoy themselves and have a good time with others.

Hosting or attending barbeques

One of the most popular pastimes in Tennessee is to hold or attend barbeques. Taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and hospitality of friends and family can be a very pleasant afternoon and evening well spent.

Indeed, throughout the months of April, May, June, July, August, September and October, there can be little better to do than party around a barbeque with those that you cherish and hold dear, making sure to take turns to play host and have everyone’s favorite foods and beverages for them to enjoy all afternoon and late into the evening as well. If anyone is new to the area, this can be the perfect way to find new friends, as well as acquainting yourself with some of the state’s finest food.

Watching or playing games

As well as fine food, there can be other distractions for people in the area. There are plenty of games to play, either in person or online, and one that is likely to grow in popularity is blackjack.

When played online at sites such as SlotsLV games, you can play in one of two ways. First of all, you have a standard online version where you are playing against the casino in an automated game where the next card to be turned over is decided by a random number generator. Alternatively, there are other versions where you play with a live dealer by video link, and they use real cards like they would in a real casino. Real money options for these games are not always available in Tennessee due to legislation, but free to play versions can allow you to play in a virtual environment for virtual money.

Listening to country music

Tennessee is well-known for its country music; indeed, they even have their own claim to fame with the legendary Dolly Parton born in the Smokey Mountains and even the famous Dollywood, which Dolly Parton still owns a proportion of, can be found in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

But the country music scene is not just exclusive to the famous stars in Tennessee. There are venues where you can hear and see country music being performed on a very regular basis, such as Ryman Auditorium, Grand Ole Opry House, Station Inn and of course Bluebird Café, to name a few different locations. Again, if you are new to the state, this is somewhere you can go to get a flavor of what makes the state tick and is another great way to find new friends in a new area.

Attending Church

Tennessee is one of the states that is well known for its strong faith, with a church of some Christian denomination or another almost on every corner of every city. It is a place where Sundays are the highlight of the week and spent in a house of worship amongst friends and family of like mind. In fact, it is a proud boast for the state that Nashville has more churches per capita than any other city in the US.

Final thoughts

So, in short, Tennessee is a very friendly place, with residents finding any excuse to throw a barbeque for their friends and family members. They thoroughly enjoy watching their team play football and indeed like to play a bit of black jack either online or with friends.

Attending a concert or even just listening to country music being played live down their local bar is also a very favorite pastime, and it is no wonder when you realize that they have such a rich country music heritage that includes such names as Roy Acuff, Trace Adkins, Chet Atkins and of course the famous Dolly Parton, to name but a few.

Then, of course, there is not just the opportunity of seeing a variety of different churches all over the state, including some cathedrals, but also finding a thriving community that supports and attends church on a regular basis.

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