Why Apple iPhone 8 Mirror Edition is a Bad Design Choice?

apple iphone 8

The rumors with regards to the Apple iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus continues to grow with each passing even though the actual launch is a good couple of months away.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus phones have managed to live up to the hype despite the fact that they didn’t break any grounds in terms of specification, features or looks. Apple being the brand they have always been is under a lot of pressure to deliver more choices, new features like an iris scanner and a touchscreen which could double up as a fingerprint sensor. Amidst all this, comes a very credible rumor that claims iPhone 8 will be available in four different color choices. One of them will be a mirror edition!

apple iphone 8 OLED display

Mirror Edition – A Bad Choice

Apple is not new to the world of mirror like devices as they have already released something like that a long ago. Many years ago, the original iPods all looked like mirrors and if you are old enough, you will surely remember how it turned out to be a fingerprint magnet and people just hated it because it would look so bad as long as you keep using the device.

Compared to an iPod, an iPhone 8 is a smartphone that people keep in their hands all the time. You just can’t clean it up and it will look ugly within one minute of usage making it difficult to look shiny all the time. Most customers suggest that bringing the concept of having a black OLED front panel and a real case made using polished stainless steel would ensure no such fingerprint issues occur.

Apart from this, the three colors will include boutiquecolor options providing buyers more choices than the ones available in the iPhone 7. A double colored variant is also being rumoured but many of them emerge from what customers want than what the designers at Apple are actually planning to bring in to the market.

apple iphone 8 wireless charge

Fingerprint Sensor, Wireless Charging

The years have gone by and Apple is yet to adopt wireless charging which is prevalently found in many Android smartphones. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus should be the answer everyone is looking forward to by adding wireless charging capabilities. It is also being said that the feature may not be available on launch but will be introduced at a later date along with a new wireless charger that you should buy separately.

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