PS Plus Free Games for July 2017 Lists Game of Thrones and Until Dawn for PS4


Every month, the team behind the PS Plus membership selects the most unique and fun titles to offer gamers a chance to have the best time on their PS4, PS3 and PS Vita consoles.

The collection of titles they offer will surely appeal most gamers. And, if it doesn’t do so this month you can always look forward to another month of free titles. As long as you are PS Plus subscriber, you will access to all these games and when all your friends are on the same platform, things become much more interesting. For the month of July 2017, PS Plus members get Until Dawn. The PS4 exclusive is a worthy game which is not just action packed but is a horror survival game best experienced with a group of friends.

In Until Dawn, you can play with up to eight characters one by one. According to the story, all of them are stuck in a remote mountain retreat during their trip. The unique aspect of the game is that it doesn’t allow eight players to play it but rather wants the same player to experience the story from eight different perspectives. Fear lurks around every corner that made Until Dawn a popular hit and is now available for free, for all PS Plus subscribers.

until dame1

Next in the lineup is Game of Thrones. When a title is made by Telltale games, we obviously know it will be driven by a story. GOT has plenty of characters and stories to share that it becomes a fun ride right from the first season. The free PS Plus includes all six seasons of Game of Thrones allowing you to experience the story and life of House Forrester as well as the War of the Five Kings.

Apart from these titles, PS3 gamers receive Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers Resurrection while those on the PS Vita console will receive Element4I and Don’t Die Mr. Robot. The last title will be a cross busy so that you can choose to either play it on the Playstation 4 or the handheld PS Vita console. Apart from all the confirmed games as part of the PS Plus July 2017 giveaway, That’s You for free. It is a free giveaway as part of the PlayLink’s launch celebration.

game of thrones

Players in this uniquely designed title has the opportunity to choose five of their friends and know what they really opine about each other. The game is fun for groups and parties but it won’t be surprising if it also leads to funny fights between close friends.

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