Rolls Royce Set New Benchmark with 2018 Phantom

2018 Rolls Royce Phantom

With the newly launched 2018 Phantom car, Rolls Royce had set a new benchmark for the entire automobile industry and it could be really tough for every other manufacturer to beat the record set by the brand.

The eight-generation model has brilliantly balanced the best of bold looks with performance and instead of going with sporty changes, the designers have further personified the formidable name its predecessors have built over the years. They have even managed to incorporate artistic looks in the vehicle so that it has a modern outlook while preserving the heritage the brand has built over 92 years of their automobile experience.

2018 Rolls Royce Phantom interior

The Spirit of Ecstasy has now been made taller by half an inch while the top line begins at the hood and runs all the way up until the door handles. The rear end of the Phantom car by Rolls Royce has a sloped, coupe inspired roof which continues to flow till the end until it reaches the license plate. The taillight is rectangular in shape and is accompanied with large 22-inch wheels.

Everything about the car is unique and stylish which is equally complemented with the powertrain used under the hood. The model features a 6.75-liter V 12 engine boosted by two individual turbochargers. The powertrain is capable of producing an impressive number of about 563 horsepower. The outgoing model delivered just 453 horsepower making the new edition much more powerful as it renders a solid 100hp more making the car smoother, faster and most importantly more sophisticated.

2018 rolls royce phantom rear

The newest tweaked torque level is at 664 lb feet which is again a significant jump from its predecessor. Acceleration capability of the model is confirmed to be at 5.3 seconds to go from being still to 62 mph. Being a long and huge vehicle, the Rolls Royce Phantom weighs a hefty 5,948 pounds. The company has been promoting it as the high sided, all-terrain model. Majority of the model is made using aluminium spaceframe material. However, the engineers have gone with a completely new platform. According to the company, it allows them to keep the overall weight of the car down making it more fuel efficient and capable of handling demanding road conditions.

Sophistication runs high in the interior of the 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom as the interior is covered with silk material, satin on the full width dashboard. A sensor on the outside allows the owner to tap on it to open the door and lock it. It’s secure yet stylish, says the team.

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