New Adobe Flash Player Version Brings Another Critical Update for Mac, Windows and Chrome Users

Adobe Flash Player

After just two weeks, Adobe Flash Player has a new update for Mac users and apparently, this one is a critical security update.

According to the tech giant, the latest version of Adobe Flash Player comes with fixes to critical vulnerabilities that could possibly allow any malicious attacker to assume full control of a Mac, Windows, Chrome or even Linux OS computer. The company gave the released security fixes the highest severity rating, which basically means that anyone still using the Flash Player must download and install the update immediately.

Adobe Flash Player has an automatic update mechanism that is built right into the application. This means that probably it has already installed the new update. However, if you have opted for manual updates, you will have to prompt this update process by yourself. You can also visit the official Adobe Flash Player download page to grab this updated version of the player.

Adobe Flash Player Critical Update

According to Google’s Threat Analysis Group, the fixed Adobe Flash Player vulnerability, if not taken care of via the new update, can lead to execution of malicious codes on an infected Mac, Windows, Chrome or Linux OS device and apparently, the vulnerability is already being used in “limited, targeted attacks.” The most affected users are those on at least Windows 7 and above, but this doesn’t mean Mac and Chrome users are not in trouble.

If you are using Adobe Flash Player or an earlier version on your Mac, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the latest security update. The same applies to those using the same version of Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome.

Over the past year alone, Adobe has rolled out more than a dozen updates for this Flash Player app – an app that the late Steve Jobs was very critical about, arguing that HTML5 was by far a much better choice than Adobe’s offering.

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