Hitman – The Complete First Season Portrays Master Class Assassination

Hitman First Season

Published in January 2017 by Square Enix and developed by IO Interactive, Hitman – The Complete First Season offers unlimited entertainment for those who want some brutality in their game.

The game is compatible with PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. The game offers utter chaos and reveals a lot of murders and assassination. The Complete First Season features all locations from Season One and its episodes. The locations comprise Japan, France, The Prologue, Morocco, Colorado, Thailand and Italy. Apart from including everything from the first season, Hitman – The Complete First Season includes three additional missions.


The game showcases the comeback of Agent 47 in the course of his assassination pursuits across the world. His targets are highlighted to be high profile characters. The Complete First Season depicts all the six episodes linked together to form an exciting spy thriller tale with a lot of shadow clients and shady organizations. When you play the role of the Hitman, you can knock out your target in many ways – simple or complicated – using trial and error approaches. Not only this, each location shows various progressions. As you complete your challenges, you will gain higher ranking and be allowed to unlock new starting locations and equipment.

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Throughout Hitman – The Complete First Season, the silent assassin Agent 47 does not wear a bulletproof apparel to protect himself. However, he is fully equipped with a multitude of disguises and outfits that he can choose from based on his preferences. He can dress himself as either a cook or a butler to gain access to the kitchen and take complete control over it. Alternatively, he can present himself as a drummer and use this opportunity to get closer to his targets. Somewhere during the game, Agent 47 is also showcased as a bald man with a tattoo designed like a barcode at the back of his head. This character makes some guards a bit wary while some end up being fooled by him. On the whole, while the agent is skilled in murder, he is also a jack of many other trades.

Hitman First Season

Although the main theme of the Hitman game is assassination, the combats and shootings are really a letdown. Items are randomly thrown on the NPCs with just free aim. When Agent 47 undertakes an Escalation Contract, he is expected to proceed with his assassination by fulfilling an objective side by side. This can be as simple as making use of a specific weapon or using a certain disguise. However, as the game proceeds, the difficulty level becomes more and completion requirements become more challenging. The Elusive Targets can be used only once in a game and they appear only for a brief period.

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