New GTA 6 Rumor Indicates Towards The Game Getting Back To Single-Player DLC

GTA 6 Developer

While there is no dearth of GTA 6 rumors, there are a few that one is compelled to take note of.

Tez2, a popular GTA tipster, has suggested that GTA 6 could offer a bunch of single-player DLC to the players. While fans have been wanting to see single-player DLCs back in the game, the tipster has stated that the number of DLCs that arrive in the game could exceed fans’ expectations.

A while back, one had come across reports suggesting that GTA 6 could showcase a world that expands with time. Tez2 responded to these rumors by stating that Rockstar Games had changed some of its strategies pertaining to content creation after the success, but now, the gaming publisher plans to go back to doing certain things in a traditional manner.

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Tez2 has further stated that Rockstar Games had been actively working on developing single-player DLCs for GTA 5 but after a point, the publisher paused these projects so that it could focus on making improvements in GTA Online.

According to the tipster, several unexplored cities and islands will be a part of GTA 6’s world. Some of the locations, he stated, will be similar to places like North Yankton and CayoPerico that one came across in GTA 5. Tez2 further stated that with each DLC Rockstar could bring in a new heist in GTA Online.

One has come across several important expansions, including The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned, in GTA 4 that was driven by the narrative. While launching GTA 5, Rockstar had stated that it didn’t find the inclusion of single-player expansions to be ‘necessary’ but did not rule out the possibility of bringing them to the fore in the near future.

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