Grand Theft Auto 6: Why There’s A Good Chance Of The Game Being Showcased In 2022

GTA 6 concept maps

While Rockstar Games has confirmed the fact that it is working on Grand Theft Auto 6, it hasn’t offered any clarification on its release date.

Many of the other key details pertaining to the game, including its official title, have been kept under wraps by the gaming publisher. One of the biggest questions playing in the minds of the fans is when the game will release. If we closely study all the reports that have surfaced so far, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to believe that the game will be revealed this year.

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A while back, Rockstar confirmed that most of its energies are currently channelized towards developing GTA 6 and therefore, it is not able to introduce major updates to many of its games including Red Dead Online. The GTA games have always taken a long time to be developed and released. Keeping that in mind, one knows that the wait for GTA 6 would be quite long. However, the game should get its first official reveal this year.

During its most recent earnings call, Rockstar stated that the development process of GTA 6 is taking place very smoothly. Given the scale and ambition associated with GTA 6, one can safely assume that a lot of money is being spent to ensure that it is presented to the fans in its best possible form. To ensure that the investors and all the stakeholders do not lose their interest in the game, Rockstar would have to keep the hype around the game alive.

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On October 21 this year, the Grand Theft Auto series will complete 25 years of its existence. In the same month, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will complete 20 years of its release. This would be a good time for Rockstar to reveal the first look of GTA 6. A large number of GTA fans are quite positive about GTA 6 being revealed during October. It remains to be seen whether Rockstar uses this window to offer fans the first glimpse of the game or not.

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